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- Jennifer C.
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- Maureen M.
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- Kimberly L.

Lace Scarf and Stole Patterns for Knitting

HeartStrings Collection of knitting patterns for lace scarves, beaded scarves and stoles

Picture yourself knitting and wearing an elegant knitted lace scarf or lace stole you created, and enjoying the admiring looks of everyone. Even the simplest lace knitting patterns look impressive and invite awe.

When you knit HeartStrings patterns, the lace just flows off the needles because these lace scarves, beaded scarves and shawls are all designed for knitting in one piece with no seams to sew or graft. And because you use relatively large needles for these lace scarf patterns, the lace knitting goes more quickly than you might expect. At the finale, there is always a magic moment when the lace is blocked out to show all of its airy beauty.

Since exact gauge for most lace knitting is not terribly important, most of these patterns work up equally well in a variety of yarn weights. Sizes and yardage are given as a guideline. When choosing a yarn weight for your lace knitting project, you can expect a finer yarn like lace weight to result in a more gossamer look, and a heavier yarn to produce a denser lace.

Several of these lace knitting patterns incorporate beads. If you prefer to omit them, that's fine. It will not affect the structure or usability of the item.

For even more scarf-like items to knit and wear, you can also visit the Neck and Up Collections for Moebius Infinity Loops, Smoke Rings Collars and Neck Warmers.

A Touch of Beaded Class Scarf A Touch of Beaded Class Lace Scarf
Pattern #H81. A touch of beads in alternating light and dark accent colors adds sparkle and stylish class to this lace fashion scarf that is wide enough to be worn as a shoulder stole. More ...
Alhambra Arches Lace Stole Alhambra Arches Lace Stole
Pattern #H89. Beaded lace borrows inspiration from the stunning architecture of the famous Alhambra castle in Spain. More ...
A Beaded Bias Towards Lace knitted scarf with crochet beaded edging A Beaded Bias Towards Lace Scarf
Pattern #A60. The simplest of lace patterns knits naturally on the bias to make a knitted scarf with chic diagonal ends. The bias design is a striking use of hand-painted yarn. Optionally trim your scarf with a simple crochet beaded edge. More ...
Bead Skinny Skarf Bead Skinny Skarf
Pattern #H92. Bead Skinny Skarf is a play on words, reflecting on the fashion of cinching in a waist to look skinny. Bead Skinny gives the illusion of cinching the curvy lines of the faux eyelet cable with a pretty bead. More ...
Beaded Basketweave Scarf Beaded Basketweave
Pattern #A133. A beaded scarf to make eyes turn your way. The interplay of the knit-purl basketweave texture and beaded knitting makes this a fun-knit project. Pattern includes instructions for matching split-cuff anklets. More ...
Beaded Lace Scarf detail Beaded Lace Scarf
Pattern #A42. A luxurious scarf indeed; small beads are knit into a flowing lace pattern. More ...
Beaded Lace Scarf II Beaded Lace Scarf II
Pattern #A64. Knitted-in beads enhance the contours of a simple to knit swirly lace rectangular scarf. Only three pattern rows produce this lovely design! More ...
Bi-directional Lace Strips Stole Bi-directional Lace Strips Stole
Pattern #H73. This gem of a stole is made in jewel-tone colors of narrow lace strips that are joined as the panels are knitted, thus eliminating the need for any sewing later on. The undulating edges around the stole and between the strips add movement and interest to this eye-catching stole. More ...
Buds in the Breeze Stole Buds in the Breeze Lace Stole
Pattern #H77. This light-as-a-breeze stole features a field of flower-like medallions centered with nupp "buds". More ...
Cat's Cradle Long-Ways Lace Scarf Cat's Cradle Long-Ways Lace Scarf
Pattern #A21. The clustered threads used as the main pattern stitch in this scarf concentrate the colors of variegated yarn in a lovely way. Also, the way the threads meet and cross each other reminds me of the child's game "cat's cradle". More ...
Colorful Splendor Lace Scarf Colorful Splendor Lace Scarf
Pattern #H41. Show off your favorite bright palette of colors in this simple yet effective lace pattern. More ...
Crest of the Waves Lace Scarf Crest of the Waves Lace Scarf
Pattern #A20. Based on a derivative of Shetland Feather and Fan stitch. The main stitch area of graceful lacy waves is surrounded by a knit-as-you go elegant ribbed openwork border. More ...
Diamond Lace Dress-it-up Scarf Diamond Lace Dress-it-up Scarf
Pattern #A55. Dress up your outfits with this versatile scarf featuring a design variation of trellis faggot lace arranged into diamonds with knitted-to-shape points at each end. Since the scarf is knitted from side-to-side, the colors in variegated yarn will stripe attractively in the lengthwise direction of the scarf. More ...
Dragonfly Dreams Beaded Lace Scarf Dragonfly Dreams Beaded Lace Scarf
Pattern #H79. Dragonflies symbolize the illusion of light, thoughts and dreams in this knitted interpretation featuring lace, beads and Estonian gathered stitches. The masterpiece of dreamy reflection of light and shadow is knitted from end to end in one piece using two beading methods. More ...
Elemental Changes Shetland Lace Stole Elemental Changes Shetland Lace Stole
Pattern #H53. 3 traditional Shetland lace motifs intermix for different arrangements of negative and positive space in this lovely knitted masterpiece. Instructions for a small delicate scarf and stoles in 3 widths are included. More ...
Faceted Gems Lace Wrap Faceted Gems Lace Wrap
Pattern #H42. The stunning sculpted lace of this rectangular wrap will take your breath away. More ...
Fairies and Flowers Scarf Fairies and Flowers Lace Scarf
Pattern #H78. Dainty fairy motifs at one end of this scarf transform into flowers at the other end. Bead embellishment defines the fairy heads and flower buds. Taking advantage of the natural bias of the lace stitch patterns, a scalloped edging frames the entire piece. More ...
Feather Soft Scarf Feather Soft Scarf
Pattern #H90. The luscious softness and vibrant colors of Mountain Colors' Hummingbird colorway in their Louisa cashmere/silk yarn inspired this interpretation in a feathery lace stitch scarf. More ...
Flames of Fall Beaded Lace Scarf Flames of Fall Beaded Lace Scarf
Pattern #A146. Delight yourself with the color and texture of Flames and Fall. Beads and flames of lace endue a soft glow of warmth in this pleasingly reversible stole. More ...
Gentle Breezes Lace Stole Gentle Breezes Lace Stole
Pattern #H86. Picture early morning walks on the beach and looking out over gently breaking waves through the morning haze. More ...
Hanging Vines Lace Stole Hanging Vines Lace Stole
Pattern #A26. Lovely knitted lace stole pattern easily adapts to the width you fancy, from narrow neck scarf, medium width shoulder wrap, or wider shawl and sofa throw styles. More ...
Honeycomb Lace Stole Honeycomb Shadow Lace Stole
Pattern #H148. Honeycomb Shadow Lace coordinates a lighter-color textured yarn and a darker color smooth yarn to give 3-dimensional illusion of shadows inside the spaces.. More ...
I Heart Filet Lace I Heart Filet Lace
Pattern #H76. Knit this short ascot-like scarf and wear a heart on your heart. The knitted lace mesh simulates the look of filet lace crochet or darned netting, but is actually knitted. More ...
Ivy Trellis Lace Stole Ivy Trellis Lace Stole
Pattern #H36. Ivy Trellis is a magnificent lace stole featuring ivy motifs trailing along a trellis background. The stole is generously sized to wrap up in for a cuddly warm hug. More ...
Lace and Cables Scarf Lace and Cables Scarf
Pattern #H61. Here is a nicely reversible scarf in a beautiful organically flowing design. An easy trellis lace stitch combines with interwoven lattice of textured knit-purl spot cables that appear to be floating. More ...
Lace Leaves Scarves Lace Leaves Scarves
Pattern #H38. Knit one or both of these companion scarves featuring interlinked lace leaves. More ...
Lacy Maizy Wrap Lacy Maizy Wrap
Pattern #H74. Crisp outlines of cable stitches frame a back-drop of lace. This wrap is named after the corn fiber yarn in which it was made and photographed. More ...
Lacy InterLACEments Scarf Lacy InterLACEments Scarf
Pattern #H91. Lacy InterLACEments features a sampling of stitch patterns for both knitted lace and lace knitting. Thus this sampler scarf is a study in both types of interLACEment. Even if you have not attempted true knitted lace before because you thought it was too hard, you can do it now with this attractive sampler scarf that works up quickly on only 35 stitches and large needles. More ...
Lacy Riverine Scarf and Headband Lacy Riverine Ensemble
Pattern #A89. An elegant coordinating set of reversible lace scarf, headband, and mitts to keep neck, head, hands and arms warm on cool days. The undulating lacy design is reminiscent of a softly flowing river on quiet afternoons. More ...
Lacy Serpentine Scarf Lacy Serpentine Scarf
Pattern #A62. This Lacy Serpentine Scarf is knit side-to-side along its length in an amazingly easy lace pattern that looks more complicated than it really is. The main stitch pattern has only three different patterned rows, so the rhythm is quickly learned and enjoyed. More ...
Lace Starlight Stole detail Lace Starlight Stole
Pattern #H64. Lace Starlight is a luscious stole knitted in an interesting and lovely dropped stitch lace pattern. This self-edged stole is worked in one piece. The pattern stitch might remind you of crocheted hairpin lace, but it actually is knitted! More ...
Lead or Follow Lace Scarf Lead or Follow Lace Scarf
Pattern #A52. The fluid design of this scarf is a wonderful study in the behavior of lace knitting when yarn overs are placed in various positions relative to the compensating decrease. More ...
Light Up My Life Lace Scarf Light Up My Life Lace Scarf
Pattern #A46. Attractive on both sides, a knit-purl lace of sculptured flame motifs makes into a boldly patterned scarf. More ...
Links of Diamonds Beaded Lace Scarf knitted by socbaker Links of Diamonds Beaded Lace Scarf
Pattern #H66. Lovers of scarves where both ends match will delight in the attention to design and technical details of this scarf. "Fool the eye" horizontal symmetry allows this scarf to be knit from end to end in one piece. More ...
Loganberry Crescent Lace Shawl Loganberry Crescent Lace Shawl
Pattern #A185. Loganberry is a very lacy crescent shawl with a cable lace edging that suggests the slightly oblong shape and seeds of the loganberry. More ...
Loop-D-Loop Muffler Loop-D-Loop Muffler
Pattern #A74. A quick and simple to knit scarf-like accessory, looped at one end and pointed on the other with optional beaded fringe. Makes a unique fashion statement. More ...
Maple Leaves Lace Scarf Maple Leaves Lace Scarf
Pattern #A30. Reminiscent of my favorite leaves in lace silhouette. More ...
Misty Soft Infinity Tube Scarf and Cowl Misty Soft Infinity Tube Scarf / Cowl
Pattern #H97. Misty Soft is a double-sided infinity scarf with no edges and no wrong side showing. Finished as one continuous piece, the loop can be draped casually twice around the neck as a cowl, worn elegantly over your head and once around your neck, or simply as a loop scarf. More ...
My Beaded Heart Scarf My Beading Heart Scarf
Pattern #H47. This lightweight, sparkly fashion scarf is a double treat for lovers of lace and beaded knitting. More ...
Peaks and Valleys Lace Scarf Peaks and Valleys Lace Scarf
Pattern #A95. Narrow panels of lace play counterpoint against the zig-zagging path of variegated color along this scarf. Easy to knit on just a few stitches, and enjoyable to wear in a variety of ways. More ...
Peek-a-Bead Beaded Lace Scarf Peek-a-Bead Beaded Lace Scarf
Pattern #H83. Bead accents nestle within a honeycomb of colorful knit fabric. Self-shaping edges, along with a pleasingly reversible textured knit/purl design, make this scarf fun to knit and wear. More ...
Pillared Archways Lace Scarf Pillared Archways Lace Scarf
Pattern #A25. This graceful rectangular scarf is knitted in a double chevron-arched stockinette lace stitch pattern bordered by pillared columns of an interesting knotted stitch. More ...
Reversible Eyelet Cables Stole Reversible Eyelet Cables Stole
Pattern #A107. This classically stylish stole in hand dyed yarn features mock cables with a border of herringbone lace. A special technique is used in this pattern to alternate two balls of hand dyed yarn every row in a way that avoids both yarn strands being carried up the same edge. More ...
Reversible Lace Cables Scarf Reversible Lace Cables Scarf
Pattern #A7. Mock eyelet cables and herringbone lace designed into a beautifully draping reversible lace scarf. More ...
Reversible Lace Ladders Scarf Reversible Lace Ladders Scarf
Pattern #A37. A simple rectangular scarf to knit in a lacy reversible stitch. You'll enjoy the rhythm in making this pattern while using a method to keep yarn overs between knit and purl stitches the same size as when going from purl to knit stitches. More ...
Scotch Thistle Lace Stole Scotch Thistle Lace Stole
Pattern #H35. A flowing sequence of leaf and flower motifs symbolic of the regal Scotch thistle combine into this beautiful lace stole. More ...
Spring Raindrops Lace Leaves Scarf Spring Raindrops Lace Leaves Scarf
Pattern #H338. Sparkly beads glisten like raindrops, greeting the awakening of Spring's first leaves. More ...
The Skinny on Lace The Skinny on Lace
Pattern #A87. Slimming chevrons and stylized fleur-de-lis are arranged symmetrically in narrow lace bands for easy end-to-end one-piece knitting. Besides the Sash shown to left, instructions for a Long Wrap Scarf and a Necktie are also included in this pattern. More ...
Thinking of You Lace Scarf Thinking of You Lace Scarf
Pattern #H40. Say "I'm thinking of you" with a hand knit scarf of lace hearts. Simple and quick to knit on just 29 stitches. More ...
Times Two Sideways Reversible Lace Scarf Times Two Sideways Reversible Lace Scarf
Imagine the softest of handspun cashmere caressing your neck.The "times two" reversible technique intermixes hand spun or hand dyed yarn, or even mixed dye lots, to get uniform thickness and color. More ...
V-Start Neck Lace Kerchief V-Start Neck Lace Kerchief
Pattern #H82. A flattering neckline and easy-to-knit lace patterns combine to create this appealing neck kerchief scarf using just 150 yards of lace weight yarn. More ...
Wrapped Up in Bows Lace Stole Wrapped Up in Bows Lace Stole
Pattern #H56. A delightful lattice of lace eyelets is embraced by a diamond lace border. The corner design of I-cord tied into bows gives this wrap its name. More ...

Looking for other scarf-like items to knit and wear? Be sure to visit the Neck and Up Collections for Moebius Infinity Loops, Smoke Rings Collars and Neck Warmers.

Thank you for interest. I am here to serve you and help keep your knitting a pleasurable experience. If you have questions or need assistance with purchasing or knitting my HeartStrings patterns, let me know. Sincerely, Jackie E-S

Email address: jackie@heartstringsfiberarts.com
Phone: 678-262-6338 or 877-764-2747 (toll-free in US)
Postal address: HeartStrings, Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer, 53 Parlange Drive, Destrehan LA 70047-2133 USA

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