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"Your patterns are just fabulous ... unique and yet based on tradition."
- Jennifer C.
"I just love the simplicity of your patterns and the complexity of their appearance."
- Maureen M.
"I enjoy your website. It is easy to use and full of information ..."
- Debby L.
"... I love Heartstrings patterns. They are clear and well presented and Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer, the designer, is just a lovely, inspiring woman - well worth supporting by the purchase of the pattern."
- Kimberly L.

People write …

Just a sampling of more praises for HeartStrings knitting patterns

Ellie W. writes …
I just finished knitting your Pendants Shawl design and wanted to share how beautiful I think it is. I love the fit and drape of the Faroese style shawl. I haven't even blocked it yet and it looks lovely. Even my husband, who takes little or no interest in my knitting obsession was impressed eough to comment.
Your patterns are always so carefully charted and explained that I've never had a problem. I'm usually a cheapskate, but your patterns are among the few that I think are worth paying for. I have quite a few and haven't used them all yet. I'm looking forward to making more of them.
I'm also enjoying your bits of lace series. Your customer relations set you apart from the many other web-based knitting designers. Thank you for all your hard and good work.
Sarah (Susie) Foreman, Grateful Knitter in Paducah KY writes …
I am so happy to have found your site and patterns. I bought several yesterday and will buy many more I'm sure. I adore the Half-note Symphony shawl. I also got the Triangle Shawl and the thinking of you scarf.
I wish I could retire and just knit every day but if I retired, I couldn't afford to support my habit. Maybe I can cut back to three days. No need for you to hear all of that. I just wanted to let you know how blown away I am with your work.
It must be an incredible feeling to be able to create such beauty. Keep doing what you do. God has given you a wonderful gift and we knitters who knit but don't design are grateful!
Laura L of Fort Wayne, IN writes: …
I'm very pleased with the quality of yarn I received. It's definitely a yarn which has been created with attention to detail. I'm enjoying working with it and enjoying the results. The pattern, too, is of excellent quality: well-written and obviously test-knitted. I am accustomed to "tweaking" patterns to improve them as regards to technique or terminology. This pattern is great right out of the gate. Thank you for the obvious quality control that went into this product.
Janet P. writes …
I just wanted to tell you how much I continue to enjoy your designs. They are lovely, and the patterns are always detailed and easy to follow. I got hooked on lace through your little oak leaf book mark, so I owe you a big thank you.
Bara writes …
I just read the Color mini-tutorial and although I have taken several color classes at conferences, you added new ways of looking at color mixtures. My mantra is "Color is Everything" so I am thrilled to think about it in more ways now.
Carol Breitner, president Knitting Artists of Northern Virginia writes …
I ordered your Twist and Slant pattern because I have to make a vest for the Level 2 of Masters Knitting Course. I want to make soemthing that is technically well done, and your patterns are always so intelligently written and trustworthy. That is why I turned to HeartStrings for the pattern. I know I can rely on you for a great pattern every time, and a beautiful design and construction. Thanks!
Lorette Meske, the Knitting Doctor, writes …
I have to say, the Lead or Follow Lace scarf is probably the thing that I'm most proud of knitting. I started it before I could figure out that lace might be "hard", and your well-written pattern made it a breeze. I have several other of your scarf patterns that I am now anxious to try!
Lynnette K. writes …
I am very much looking forward to seeing more HeartStrings patterns from you. Your patterns are so well written, and creative and fun.
Louise B. writes …
I have ordered some more of your creations … Let me tell you that they are some of the most beautiful objects I have knitted in the last years.
Carol G. in Florida writes …
The pattern is wonderfully well written with all the detail I love to have and rarely get from a published pattern.
Carolyn Jones writes …
I just finished making the triangle shawl and wanted to thank you for your creative pattern. It worked very well for me and I wanted you to know that the pattern directions were perfect! Your notes and simple written instructions were great.
Mosaic Yarns writes …
Your patterns look great! … It is nice to receive a personal e-mail.
Linda P. in Florida writes …
Your shawl patterns are masterpieces and your patterns are a real inspiration to all of us. We go crazy whenever a shipment of your patterns arrives at our local yarn store. You're truly talented.
Audrey M. in Massachusetts writes …
Thanks to your fantastic pattern Beaded Lace Scarf II, I've completed my first beaded knitting project. I had taken a bead-knitting class at my LYS [local yarn store] but I never got around to doing anything with beads until I purchased your pattern...Your pattern instructions are foolproof. You provide more than enough information, hints, tips, etc. to make a project succeed. Count me as a very satisfied customer who looks forward to purchasing more of your patterns.
Stephanie M. in New York writes …
I received the patterns I ordered and they are really wonderful. I started the Pendants shawl and it is gorgeous. The patterns are really clear and easy to follow. I also like the fact that the charts are all big and easy to read. ... Glad I found you. Thanks.
Debi in Las Vegas writes …
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I love your patterns. Not only are they gorgeous, but your presentation is outstanding. The pictures are all so clear, the type faces easy to read, the spacing and design layout make it easy to read and follow. I also dearly appreciate your design notes — they are so incredibly helpful!
You put together just outstanding patterns, making it so easy for intermediate knitters like me to understand and have success with lace, and to not give up in frustration.
Thank you for not only offering such fabulous patterns, but for taking the time to include so many details and helpful hints. I have many patterns I've purchased from other places that I can't follow very easily, and have put down in frustration. Not so with any Heartstrings pattern I've purchased — they are far superior to others!
I use Heartstrings patterns as the model for all other patterns now. It's how patterns SHOULD be presented.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Helen in Washington writes …
The pattern has been so easy to understand and follow … It's amazing how difficult it is to proofread patterns, especially ones you've charted yourself. Yours are amazingly error-free.
Paula Whiting of southern Vermont writes …
I hardly ever write authors (of anything) to thank them for their work, but I am compelled to do just that with you.

My first experience with your work came from The Sock Calendar - I have done several of the patterns in there and loved them all … Most recently I purchased your Flared Lace Smoke Ring pattern which I have made in both a baby alpaca blend and a cashmere/merino blend. Both are gorgeous beyond words. It was my first attempt at lace work and I found it so incredibly doable, I even impressed myself! At the moment I am awaiting delivery on the Frolicking Shamrocks pattern. I expect to be as thrilled with that pattern as I have been all others.

Your designs are heavenly; your patterns so clearly written and so easily understood, they are a joy to work with. I feel so fortunate to be knitting at a time when you are designing. Because you do what you do so well, it makes what I do a delight. Thank you.
Linda J. writes …
I just received my first order from you, and I'm writing to let you know it will be the first of many. Your website is wonderful fun to peruse and I was thrilled with the items I received. Let me also mention that my order arrived a mere 2 days after I placed it, even though you and I are at opposite end of the country. Thank you so much, Jackie, for the superb products and service! I will visit your site first as any knitting needs arise.
Annie H. writes …
Jackie, I just love your patterns! I really mean this. I'm hoping you and your designs get the attention they truly deserve and that you become a household name nationally. I have always knit heavy Scandinavian, Icelandic, Fair Isle, and Aran sweters, and socks and mittens because those were the fascinating patterns available to me. But I live in Georgia, for crying out loud! You have shown me what Southern knitting can be. You really have opened up a new world for me. I would like to see your knitting known worldwide as a genre -- Southern knitting -- comparable to Fair Isle or the others I mentioned, and see you as a Grand Dame of Southern knitting! People who haven't knit your designs don't know what they're missing.

Thank you for interest. I am here to serve you and help keep your knitting a pleasurable experience. If you have questions or need assistance with purchasing or knitting my HeartStrings patterns, let me know. Sincerely, Jackie E-S

Email address: jackie@heartstringsfiberarts.com
Phone: 678-262-6338 or 877-764-2747 (toll-free in US)
Postal address: HeartStrings, Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer, 53 Parlange Drive, Destrehan LA 70047-2133 USA

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